~Encaustic Wax Art How-To~
How to Make an Encaustic Wax Card
Let's Get Started So You Can See How Fast & Easy it is to Create in Encaustic Wax Painting


Rub the wax colors you wish to use
on the hot iron surface to melt them.


In this example, the hot wax colors are drawn
across the top of the card to create a sky.
The sky contains several colors blended
together easily using the hot wax.
Now it is time for green and
gold to create a colorful terrain.


The hot iron is used as a "brush" to paint
the hot wax colors smoothly into place.
In a matter of minutes you have expressed
your creativity for all to see, including you.
Because you can re-heat the wax on the card,
you can continue to change it or add to it.


Unleash your creativity and have fun
 with the colors and your imagination.
Reheat the wax and continue to blend it
in any direction with seems appealing.
A scribe enhances the design by etching
a path through the cooled, waxy green grass.


All edges of the heated iron can
create various designs in the hot wax.
Very quickly the card has many colors
and textures of wax design & dimension 
Using the scribe again, more detail is
added to the path through the grass.


Next the scribe is used to etch a country
fence along the edges of the path.
In a matter of minutes, a beautiful work
of art has nearly been accomplished.
The stylus is an elegant heated tool which
melts more discreet details into the wax design.


By dipping the hot stylus tip into purple wax, 
delicate flowers begin to grow along the path.
Delicate details like the center of the
flowers are accomplished with the stylus.
Within minutes your Encaustic Wax Art masterpiece is ready to share.


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